Catering How It Works

At EPW we strive to make ordering your event catering easy and hassle free. For an easy experience follow below!

Step 1. Choose your selections from our menu below. Keep in mind these are only suggestions and we can custom tailor any item to fit your event!

Step 2. Choose your service level: One of the reasons so many professionals and clients alike turn to EPW catering is our various levels of service we offer. From the simple “Drop N Go” to Full Service we can offer you a solution that fits your needs and budget.

  • Drop N Go Service: Simply put… Your order is delivered in our Black colored event cambro containers and dropped off. No prep, serving or clean up included.
  • Drop N Prep Service: For a small fee one of our catering staff members will greet you on-site and receive the catering order. Open and prep all cambros and beverage containers and confirm that everything is set and ready to serve before leaving your venue. Removal of all foil and plastic coverings, utensil placement and styling is completed by a professional with an eye for detail.
  • Prep & Stay Service: A step below Full Service, EPW staff will ensure all catering items and prepped, setup and ready on time! 1 professional catering staff member will remain on site to help keep common areas clean, and clear of any unsightly items. Trash removal around the catering table and common serving areas included!
  • Prep & Serve Service (Full Service): Upon arrival your EPW staff will style, prep and serve your meal with a smile. From start to finish we handle all the details of the presentation and removal of everything catering. Our staff arrives willing and ready to make your event experience smooth as ever!

Step 3. Call us at 1-866-626-6920 and speak with a friendly EPW representative or log onto and place your order online.

Step 4. Enjoy your selections that we promptly deliver and set up at your event.